Bohemian /bōˈhēmēən/: socially unconventional in an artistic way

Funk /fəNGk/: making something out of nothing

Formed in late 2019, Bohemian Funk, is just that, a group of four unconventional artists brought together in an unconventional way to create beautiful music out of nothing. Best described as Rock N Soul, Bohemian Funk's music is a modern take on classic rock n roll blended with elements of southern rock, alternative, gospel, reggae & blues. Writing and performing all original music, they have managed to forge a diverse and strong music catalog that includes upwards of 40 original songs. The group has been traveling and sharing their music all across the Midwest. With insane vocals, dynamic energy and top-level musicianship, Bohemian Funk brings you an unforgettable experience at every show.

Bohemian Funk is comprised of four members: Rocko Dalian (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Eric Webber (Lead Guitar), Graham Werts (Drums) & Casey Beasley (Bass). Each with very different musical backgrounds, they draw inspiration from artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Maroon 5 & Post Malone, just to name a few. They released their first single 'Detroit Cowboy' in January of 2021 and followed it up with the release of three additional singles, 'Rolling Stone', 'Rock the Night Away' & 'Bad Dog', released Spring 2021.

On a recent trip to Nashville, the band was picked up by a talent scout that led them to Grammy-winning engineer & producer, Jeffrey Thomas. Jeff has a resume that stretches a mile long, working with artists such as The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Rod Stewart, Dave Matthews Band, Toto and more. He immediately took an interest in the band. With Jeff's industry expertise and background in rock music, the two were a perfect fit. In June 2021, the band begun recording their first studio album  with him at his studio in Nashville TN, Stormbringer Sound. In December 2021, they released their first single recorded with Jeff, 'Back Home'. The full studio album is set to release in Summer 2022. 

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Lead Vocal/Guitar

Lead Guitar

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March 7, 2022

Bohemian Funk appeared to come out of nowhere to win the second Battle of the Bands at The Brightside. In fact, Rocko Dalian (lead vocals, guitar), Eric Webber (lead guitar) and Graham Werts (drums) have been building to this moment since forming the band in 2019. Newest member Casey Beasley (bass) joined in late 2021.

Since the beginning, the band has developed a growing fanbase by playing out as often as possible, delivering no-frills rock ‘n’ roll bursting with sing-along choruses, slinky grooves and big, expressive guitar solos. The band has more than a dozen dates in March, including shows in Frankfort, Kentucky, Evansville, Indiana, and Franklin, Tennessee.

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September 3, 2021

"Though they have only been making music together for two years, Dayton-based rock ‘n’ roll band Bohemian Funk already has a chance at achieving national success. -- Since forming in 2019, the band has performed at locations in the Miami Valley and across the Midwest. While the members of Bohemian Funk each cite different musical influences, the band has come together to form a sound that manages to combine the sounds and the aesthetic of the 1970s and ‘80s with a more progressive sound inspired by modern-day rock bands like Maroon 5."
-Ashley Moor

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September 21, 2021

FERNDALE/BERKLEY — A band led by a former Ferndale and Berkley student is making traction in a big musical competition to open at a famed Los Angeles venue.
Rocko Dalian serves as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the band Bohemian Funk, which currently is vying to win Opening Act, a competition where the winner gets to open for high-profile artists for a show at the Hollywood Bowl. The winners also will receive $10,000 and, according to the band, a meeting with two record executives from two major labels.

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July 28, 2021

Friday July, 9 the sands of J.D. Legends were once again tossed and trampled by dancing feet as the summer schedule continued its return of live music celebration.
The evening brought one of Dayton’s most diverse and traveled group, Bohemian Funk to the stage. A group that dressed for the occasion bringing back waves of nostalgic ‘60s, and ‘70s vagabond vibes along with some magical, mystical mojo from the gypsy caravan.
Guitars bounced off the bright lights playing notes from the mystic mountain tops to the murky-deep, dark swamp. There was some definite voodoo magic and other-worldly spirits hanging out in the funk as fans and travelers grooved to the tunes like it was the Summer of Love, redone.